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Our Solutions

We are an innovative solutions company and are thrilled to be seen as creators and innovators of products that address a range of needs forpersonal and enterprise use. It is a commitment that we make to our customers to make products that meet andexceed expectations be it in the personal or business space.


See what our exsisting clients have to say about us.

Anunsya D'cunha

"Thanks for your help on a sunday morning. I really do appreciate it. It only confirms I made the right choice of product."

Candida Fernandes

It's awesome, really. I can't say enough about how well it's tailored to the needs of the user. Thanks for a great too!

Preciliya D'souza

It's a great product! Made my life easy.

Melroy Alphonso

Website looking very appealing and so the product too. Thanks for the product.

Our Charter

There are principles that we follow as to why we do what we do. This is a “LIVE” list and will therefore keep evolving as we scale up and grow in different verticals and geographies. These are as listed below:

What the customer wants?

Our rationale for existence is the Customer. So naturally our thinking stems from what does the Customer need and at times anticipate those needs and develop products and services that exceed those needs, setting new benchmarks. For example, the Mobile Enabled Cardless Payment Services was conceived from the need for our Customers to have an option to pay for their purchases without a physical card and yet be safe, secure and efficient given the large number of frauds that are taking place.

Further, the fact that our Customers are people on the “GO” and live extremely busy lives and therefore very likely to “forget” their personal / carry-on items and therefore we devised a product which will give then an “Early Warning” if they are about to forget to pickup or carry these items and in the eventuality these are lost, we could help these trace these items with our technology. Further, we live in very challenging times where our security is often under threat and we need some kind of a solution that will alert our loved ones seamlessly and effortlessly in case of any emergency. Thus evolved our STAR WEARABLES product portfolio that essentially has products catering to safety, asset tracking and much more.

Thus we strive to do things that will add value to our Customers and be in a position to work closely with our Customers and of course our team working on anticipating future Customer needs and trends, thereby living to our name of Future Wave!

Star Wearables

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What we trying to solve?

Non-availability of a Seamless, Safe and User friendly method of electronic payment acceptance at retail & online stores that offers multiple payment options including virtual cards, IMOS, net banking and UPI. High Costs associated with POS, transaction fees & recurring charges dissuade Merchants from accepting electronic payments. No one-stop solution exist for payments, recharges, bill payments, net banking, IMPS payment acceptance, mobile billing, Peer to Peer transfers Anytime CASH, where a consumer can get emergency cash at a partner merchant store or even deposit cash.

Solution Benefits

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Market Adoption

Card Holders 530+ million card holders
Mobile Subscribers 920 million
Internet Users 354 million
Merchants 20+ million merchants.Less than 10% of Merchants have POS devices Less than 10% of Merchants have POS devices
Mass Market $14+ million GTV# daily
C.O.D. 50% online transactions are on COD.



Create QR Code Tranction Customer to scan this QR Code


Pay bills


Withdraw / Deposit CASH

Unique Selling Proposition


when using app

  1. Secure element storage on mobile
  2. storage on mobile
  3. Encryption – 128bit
  4. Tokenisation
  5. Session based


To use app / design

  1. QR code based payment
  2. Easy to use UI


Integrated options

  1. Cards / Net Banking
  2. IMPS / UPI
  3. Mobile Recharge & Bill Pay

Quick On-boarding

Aadhaar / PAN card

  1. Customers register with their Aadhaar / PAN card
  2. Upload picture

Reduced Merchant Liability


  1. Unique payer checkout authentication
  2. No card storage

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Our Office

Design House : 8, Rosemar Apartments,

Opp. HDFC Bank, Holy Cross Road

I.C.Colony,Borivili (West)

Mumbai 400103

Development Center : Unit 424 to 428

3rd Floor, Orchard Road Mall,Royal Palms,

Survey No.Aarey Mills Colony

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+91- 9819576467

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